ICC CARGOS S.A. is a company offering inland freights and integrated logistics with our network expanding towards the Mercosur countries specially Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay.
Our company as logistic manager of inland freight aims mainly to be part of the logistics network of your business, delivering professionalism and experience in every executed cargo. Due to the fact that we are a company with international experience in the field, with a highly trained staff regarding throughout the operational of your international businesses is that we guarantee the best results.

ICC CARGOS S.A. would be a strategic ally for any business generated in the Mercosur, meeting all your requirements. We have a cargo tracking system which strengthens us knowing the exact location of your cargo, in what part of the supply chain process is and the estimated time of arrival to its destination.

We also possess online tools for all matters related to the issuance of documents involved in the logistics chain. This allows the issuance of original CRT in both origin and destination and immediate delivery to the customer or their customs agency.

Safety - Satellite Control

Our units are equipped with security systems and tracking devices and satellite control, allowing us to know exactly, accurate and real-time geographic location and load conditions during the transport operation.

General Insurance

We have cargo insurance, which guarantees in case of accidents total coverage of it.

Communication Systems

Both transport units and staff are provided with systems of mobile communication, enabling interconnected permanently in the countries of our destinations.